I do know a couple of of you could be getting a bit sick of fish associated matters however naked with me. That is the third installment into my epic fish feast experiment and we transfer onto the ultimate fish required to prepare dinner it. Nettlefish are present in Wintergrasp, Ulduar, Dragonblight however most of all in Sholzar Basin. Numerous guides about this fish recommend going into the center of Sholzar basin the place the fishing quest for the ghostfish takes place. While it’s true that this spot normally has round Three swimming pools they don’t respawn quick sufficient to be classed as an environment friendly place to catch them.

There are two smart choices for routes to take. One is to start out off at rivers coronary heart and work your approach down certainly one of its Four tributaries. The second possibility is the one I used and entails beginning on the northern finish of Sholzar Basin at Bittertide lake. The lake is large enough to offer sufficient swimming pools for a mean pace fisherman to continually loop round it. If you’re discovering the swimming pools aren’t spawning fast sufficient for you you then all the time have the choice of following the southern tributary that results in Rivers Coronary heart because it normally accommodates 2-Three swimming pools. The primary purpose I made a decision to do my route across the lake is that my character is a miner and on the west finish of the lake are Three mining nodes which may at any time spawn some tasty titanium ore or some wealthy saronite deposits.

Fishing up 200 of those beauties took 104 minutes and got here with 81g price of supplies and Pygmy Suckerfish. Now after we have a look at promoting the fish and its cooked variants we come to a little bit of a disappointing conclusion. Not solely does the uncooked fish promote for lower than the opposite two fish used within the fish feast however as soon as we add northern spices it truly loses worth pez duende.

The uncooked fish goes for 1g31s on my server ( if you’ll find any patrons). Including some tasty Northren spices turns it into Spicey blue Nettlefish and comes with an honest +40 crucial ranking and +Four- stamina bonus. Sadly not many individuals worth the crucial ranking over different buffs and the worth of the cooked fish is round 1g9s. Until you propose to make use of this meals on your self in raids or are leveling your cooking expertise there’s little or no purpose to prepare dinner this fish. Which is a little bit of a disgrace for many who spend a number of time farming gadgets like saronite ore in Sholzar Basin and might need appreciated a break from the grind.

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